Censys Pro

Pro accounts are intended for companies that use Censys data for internal, but commercial use. This could include but is not limited to: threat hunters, penetration testers, or security analysts trying to discover or better understand an organization’s digital assets and threat landscape.
This license allows for multiple users that can collectively perform up to 25,000 queries per month. Their queries may return up to 25,000 results per search. This high level of access allows users the flexibility and assurance that they are discovering everything that Censys knows about the current state of their (or their client's) infrastructure.  
Users can access data through the web search or via the API. These users have greater flexibility when using our open source tools. If you haven't already, check those out here: 

Censys Enterprise

Enterprise accounts are also intended for companies that need access to all of Censys data or need a certain precision of query that only custom queries can achieve.
Enterprise accounts can consume their data in two ways:

  1. By sharing our datasets to the customer’s own Google BigQuery account - https://cloud.google.com/bigquery/
  2. As raw JSON data files provided for download by Censys immediately when available. A download link for the latest version of these files is provided through the Censys API.

Customers may choose to download the raw JSON data files if they want local/offline access to data or if they want to import that data into their own data warehouse.  
For customers that want a highly scalable, fully managed, cloud-based data warehouse in front of Censys data, we suggest creating a Google BigQuery account where we can share our data. This option offers a highly scalable, precise way to run complex SQL queries against the Censys dataset without requiring Censys to meter or limit their usage.
With the immense amount of data that Censys provides (over 1 TB per scan), very complex queries can be executed that can have an unpredictable cost computationally. BigQuery is free for the first 1TB of data analyzed each month, however once that hurdle is cleared there are additional fees: https://cloud.google.com/bigquery/pricing.  
Some customers may wish to consume Censys data through their internal systems instead, which is why we provide the downloadable raw datasets that they can import into their own systems as an alternative delivery mechanism that is also included in the Enterprise edition.

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