If you've stumbled upon this article chances are you've already made up your mind about which product you want to buy. If you're still on the fence, reach out to our sales team. Alternatively, this article may have the information you're looking for.

Understanding Your Options

Censys Basic licenses are self-service only. 

If you already have an existing Censys account visit: https://censys.io/account/billing. From there you can upgrade your subscription and provide subsequent payment information.

If you're new to Censys, check out https://censys.io/pricing to sign up for a Basic account. In either case, you have one of two options:

  1. Annual subscription (auto renews the following year)
  2. Month-to-month subscription (auto renews each month. 20% uplift in price)

Once you've signed up, your credit card on file will be processed immediately and you'll receive a receipt to the email provided. If you want to avoid the auto renewal, visit https://censys.io/account/billing to modify your subscription before the renewal date.

Censys Pro is available via self-service or via PO/invoice. 

If you prefer the self-service model and have an existing Censys account visit: https://censys.io/account/billing.  If not, navigate to: https://censys.io/pricing and sign up for a Pro account. The same price uplift and payment workflow mentioned above applies to Censys Pro.

If you're looking to purchase your license through traditional PO/invoice, please reach out to our sales team. One of our Sales Engineers will be in touch.

Censys Enterprise pricing and purchase must go through our sales team. 

There are two models of Censys Enterprise.

  1. Internal Use: You plan to utilize Censys within your company's cyber intelligence/security team. You're trying to protect your company's assets, brand, and digital footprint. This also includes security consultants who provide recommendations or summarized analysis to their clients.
  2. External Use: You intend to use Censys data to enrich your own product(s) thereby adding to the value you bring to your customers. This is the case for many vulnerability management and threat intelligence software providers.

Our team can help you further define your use case. We'll also be that helping hand along the way during the on-boarding process. If you're ready to start the discussion reach out to sales.

What if I'm a Reseller?

Our team is happy to help all vendors representing their clients interest in Censys. If your client is looking to purchase a Pro or Enterprise license, please reach out to sales

We also provide a standard 4% resellers discount off the total cost of Pro and Enterprise licenses. 

To get started we need the following:

  1. Your customer's name (company)
  2. Name of person requesting the quote
  3. Reseller's company name
  4. Reseller point of contact
  5. License customer is interested in

We're happy to jump on a call and review the customer's requirements. We'll do everything we can to meet their needs.

*Censys Basic is self-service only. No discounts are provided.

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